DRAFT: Gas Hopper Airdrop Campaign

Exec Summary:

Herein we propose a marketing campaign whereby users are rewarded for interacting and using Gas Hopper via an airdrop in the Varen token. A request of 350 Varen for the entire campaign would need to be ratified.

Intro & Motivation:

In light of the Ren situation and Varens Primary product, VarenX in temporary limp mode, we found a pressing need to keep the community engaged and to keep the wheels in motion with the aspects of Varen which are not affected by the above. Essentially, we are in effect staying true to the path that we had set out upon when we had initially embarked on this journey, which was to build Varen Suite, an array of products that had market use and not simply reliant on any one product.

Gas Hopper, a smaller Dapp in the suite, provides us with just that. A niche product offering cross chain gas swaps which generates the DAO 10usd for every transaction.

Lead dev, Linkie Link, recently announced an 18 Varen buy back from the up to date transaction income generated. Whilst it may seem miniscule, the potential for an income generator for the DAO and a chance to turn this into a cash cow is now apparent.

To that end, to drive users to the product, to generate a buzz around the varen ecosystem and for it step out into the light, marketing and exposure is essential.

Marketing? to who? i hear you say. Let me give you a very basic backdrop to that. The market is currently processing Billions of US Dollars daily in volume across multiple segments such as cross chaining, gaming, trading, NFTs etc. These users, in the 10s of thousands, would then generally use traditional routes in and out of CEXs to fund their wallets with relevant Gas for those transactions. Cexs = KYC, compounded with fees which can then spiral above the ticket price at Gas Hopper. Beyond that Gas Hopper is a no frills, one click, user friendly way to do so.

So the next logical question would then be, ok, so how do we target the users and gain that all important exposure? There are multiple possible avenues which we can explore, but lets focus our attention on the one that is being proposed. The GH Airdrop campaign. A simple, tried and tested method where put simply, the wheel spins, so why try to reinvent it?

Target and Aim:

The Airdrop campaign would aim to target new users, by paying them to do so. Users will use Gas Hopper atleast once to get paid out their rewards. A win-win!

What we look to primarily achieve through this campaign is as highlighted before, exposure, whilst tapping into a new pool of users. But more specifically, we would look to achieve the following:

  1. A minimum of 300 market participants.
  2. Social Media impressions of 100k +.
  3. Expand Varen holder base by circa 50% of its current size.
  4. Reinvigorate the community and maintain engagement.
  5. Attempt to generate residual income for the DAO, creating runway for its future.
  6. Create a launchpad for future campaigns

Execution Summary:

  1. Request 350 Varen from Treasury.
  2. Execute based on a script organised by @LinkieLink to select eligibility of users
  3. airdrop to be handled/sent manually from core team.
  4. First 300 transactions through the door starting from 5pm UTC on the 13.4.2023.
  5. Airdrop to be sent out within a 28 day period from the date of closure to entrants.


We all love to get to the meat of the move, but one must always read the small print.

  1. Use Gas Hopper service atleast once (date tbd).
  2. Hold a min of 2 Varen for entire period up until receiving of reward (date tbd).
  3. Like and Retweet the official Varen social related to the airdrop.
  4. Join Varen discord


Yes please!

  1. 1 Varen per wallet distributed to the first 300 market participants.

  2. 10 Lucky winners will get a multiplier on their rewards as per:
    A) 2 lucky Winners will get a 10 Varen Reward
    B) 8 lucky Winners will get a 5 Varen reward each

  3. Potential Varen NFT merch (being worked on)