DRAFT- VIP12 - Request of exploited VRNs reimbursement

Abstract/Executive Summary:

This proposal is based on a request for reimbursement, I am a victim of the attack on the vault. I had 92 staked VRNs in the vault, on 08/17/2022 I read the notice of the vault was compromised on Varen’s Twitter account. After this, I unstaked my VRNs but they never reached my metamask. One day before, on 08/16/2022, attackers emptied the vault.

I did not know that my VRNs were compromised by a attacker until the same day that I unstaked them , and I have lost all my funds, I have nothing more than that, I would like to recover them.

I could not read it before, only for one day I have not been able to receive my VRNs, I have asked for help in Discord support, and they have advised me to submit a prop to the DAO for a reimbursement.


This proposal should be implemented as proof and demonstration that the Varen DAO cares about its community, and understands the problems that may arise during the process and evolution of the project.

We all belong to Varen DAO. For that reason, I ask all of you to help me, because no one better than you can understand my situation. We all trust in the project, now it is small but in the future it will be big, it is important to grow all united and with strength.

This proposal seeks to prove it, and the best way is to help victims recover.


Reimbursement of the 92 lost VRNs in the same address that unstaked them and never received them.

Voting Options:

Reimbursement of exploited VRNs.

Lost VRNs.

I totally missed the information regarding the vault being closed and had approx 70 VRN staking. I’ve been in this project since the linkswap days and have been travelling a lot since April hence not been as active on internet / twitter and discord groups. I lost my job and work visa due to vaccine mandates in Australia and travelled back to UK to see family I’d not seen for 4 years due to covid. Only today I have discovered that my VRN tokens are gone. I would be very grateful if compensation could be arranged for my lost tokens. I have always had confidence in this project and when I invested the VRN token was 10-15x higher than this, hence I have lost a very significant amount of money.