VIP 11: Bounty Board Funding - Round 2


  • Herein we propose to approve funding to extend the Varen Bounty Board initiative to continue empowering the community to participate in the building of the Varen DAO.


  • The Bounty Board has been a successful method of bringing community contributors in to assist with smaller tasks surrounding the Varen DAO and it is this proposal’s aim to fund the continuation of this effort.


  • In order to enact this incentive program, it is proposed that 120 VRN be earmarked for Bounty Board purposes. This second round of funding is estimated to last for approximately 6-9 months of operation of the bounty program. The 120 VRN will be sent from the treasury to a wallet controlled by the Community Council. Bounties will be paid upon completion of task unless otherwise negotiated.

  • Framework for Bounty Values and Determination will follow the original framework from VIP 5.

Round 1 (VIP5) Statistics:

  • The original funding set aside in VIP 5 was expected to last for 3-6 months, however, it ended up lasting closer to 8 months.

  • Bounties were used for the following purposes

    • 81.7% Translations for VarenX and Gitbook
    • 16.3% Content Creation
    • 2.0% Gitbook Content Creation
  • 28 Community Members representing 19 languages participated in the Bounty Program, with 14 Community Members completing at least 2 Bounties.

Voting options:

  • For:

    • Execute proposal, 120 VRN will be earmarked for the Bounty Board program and sent to a Community Council wallet
  • Against:

    • Do not execute the proposal, no funds will be earmarked or moved for this purpose.
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