VIP 13 - Reimbursement of staked VRN not withdrawn prior to vault exploit

Abstract/Executive Summary:
Reimburse the victims of the yVRN staking vault exploit. This will continue the charitable path that the Varen community has so far established in regards to old holders.

The remaining VRN were taken from the yVRN staking vault by a malicious actor, and as a result yVRN holders (called ‘victims’ in this prop) couldn’t withdraw the VRN they were expecting to be able to withdraw from the staking vault after the exploit.

Not appealing to any responsibility on part of the current VRN project or team, but only appealing to the pity and graciousness of the VRN community, this proposal seeks to make the victims who came forward whole.

This proposal concerns the affected stakers of the yVRN vault exploit. The process for reimbursement will be based on the following terms and conditions:

  • yVRN stakers must have been staked before block 15354169 with a minimum of 2 yVRN staked to qualify.
  • The window to claim will last 8 weeks from a date announced in the event this prop is successful.
  • The reimbursement will be at a ratio of 1 yVRN to 1 VRN.
  • In leiu of a required staking period the reimbursement will be sent out 90 days after the 8 week claim period ends.
  • Any unclaimed VRN will be transferred back to the VRN treasury after the claim period ends.

Exclude from reimbursement due to known linked transfers from the originating exploiter wallet:

Exploiter wallet

Known wallet(s) linked to exploiter

Voting options:

  • For:
    • Execute proposal, reserve 600 VRN based on 23 wallets that qualify on a minimum of 2 yVRN staked.
  • Against:
    • Do not execute the proposal, no governance funds will be moved for this purpose.