VIP 4 - Set an end date for the VRN migration window

Abstract/Executive Summary

Herein I propose the we set a fix end date for the VRN migration process to motivate people to finalize the migration and completely detach from the old.
There are 3 proposed dates for the end of the migration.


On May 2 the YFL community voted for the full rebrand and migration to the new Varen project and VRN token.
On May 10 the migration contract was deployed allowing the YFL holders to migrate to VRN with a 1:1 ratio. There is currently no end date set for the migration.
At the time of this writing 25,927 VRN remain unclaimed.
It is relatively safe to assume that people that haven’t migrated yet are either no longer interested in VRN (have written funds off) or completely lost access to their wallets.
YFL represents our past, but it is now time to move on to the new community and the future products we will have in front of us.
As long as we have that migration open there is going to be a connection to the bad past and we leave it open to all sorts of interpretations.


Voters can choose from 3 proposed dates for the end of the migration:
• October 10, 2021
• January 1st, 2022
• May 10, 2022

Based on the selected date, 2 weeks before that the “announceMigrationEnd” is called by treasury signalling 2 more weeks before migration is ended.
On the date chose by voters treasury calls “closeMigration”.
Migration is closed and per the contract implementation all remaining unmigrated VRN is returned to treasury.

Given that there is a difference of opinion on how to better use those funds I am editing this to clarify that how those funds should be used will be decided as a separate prop and at a later date and it’s not in the scope of the current one.

Voting options:

Option 1:
• Migration window is closed on October 10, 2021.
Option 2:
• Migration window is closed on January 1, 2022
Option 2:
• Migration window is closed on May 10, 2022
Option 4:
• No change, leave migration open forever.

NOTE: Ad Astra edited this to reflect the updated proposal as written by Yolau. Updated 7/30/21

Post edited: Update proposal edited into top post 7/30/21.