VIP 5 - Bounty Board Funding

Abstract/Executive Summary

  • Herein we propose to approve funding to incentivize the Bounty Board in order to encourage and empower the community to participate in the building of the Varen DAO


  • Recently, a Trello Bounty Board has been put together to aggregate tasks that need to be performed as part of the maintenance and continued building of the Varen project. In order to incentivize community members to step up and take on tasks of this nature we are requesting funding to put into place a tier incentive program to reward these community members.

  • An example of what the tiers may look like initially (subject to change based on needs and pricing of VRN)

    • Tier 1: Possibly complex/time consuming/techinical - 1.0 VRN
    • Tier 2: More involved task/possibly technical in nature - 0.5 VRN
    • Tier 3: Minor task/Non-technical - 0.25 VRN


  • In order to enact this incentive program, it is proposed that 40 VRN be earmarked for Bounty Board purposes. This initial funding request is estimated to last for between 3-6 months of operation the bounty program. The 40 VRN will be sent from the treasury to a wallet controlled by the Community Council. Bounties will be paid upon completion of task unless otherwise negotiated.

  • Bounty Tier Decisions:

    • All bounties that are assigned to tasks will be assigned at the discretion of the Community Council and the Core Team
  • Renewal:

    • When the time comes to renew this source of funding for future bounties a report will be included with the future proposal summarizing and evaluating the success of the Bounty Board program under the initial funding round.

Voting options:

  • For:

    • Execute proposal, 40 VRN will be earmarked for the Bounty Board program and sent to a Community Council wallet
  • Against:

    • Do not execute proposal, no funds will be earmarked or moved for this purpose.